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Engaging Digital Natives with Web 2.0

Embedded into the PowerPoint presentation above is a powerful video that has been making the rounds in edtech circles for just under a year. "Did You Know" was a project originated by Karl Fisch, who's Fischbowl blog was a 2006 EduBlogs Awards finalist. Karl has been working with another edtech leader, Scott McLeod, and XPLANE enterprises to create an interactive and enhanced sequel to the original Did You Know project. They are soliciting feedback about the video. Enjoy version 2.0.



Food for Thought

(from Vicki Davis - Cool Cat Teacher Blog)

This is proof that it is not the tools that are inherently good or evil but rather the use of the tools.
  • A hammer can kill someone but it can also build a house.
  • A nail can be driven through a hand but it can also hold the roof over your head.
  • A fist can hit but a fist can also be clasped in your hand in love.
We do not outlaw hammers, nails, or fists -- we teach people to use them properly. So should we do with blogs, wikis, podcasts, skype, and any other tool that becomes available for use in the human experience!

Food for Thought

(from Will Richardson)

Questions to Consider:
  • Who are your teachers?
  • How are you building your own learning networks?
  • How are you modeling your learning for your students?

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