February 28, 2008 - ESC


J. Dorman, P. Beltz, J, Bucher, K. Cawley, A. Controy, E. Fisher, S. Geneva, M. Griffin, P. Kelly, S. Kelly, S. Kesilman, A. McKellin, M. Reiner, M. Roe, S. Mebs



1. Vista / SharePoint / My Sites / Office07 Update
  • CB will be rolling out Vista and Office07 this summer. IT will be looking to BPET members to familiarize themselves with Office07. BPET members will be asked to assist in the professional development on both the building and district level. More information will be forthcoming when all the BPET members are added to and can access the training server. BPET Committee members can now access the Office 07 Training Server. Please refer to the login instructions posted above. It is VERY IMPORTANT that users log out when choosing to end their session.
  • Office07 Training Server Instructions - instructions distributed; be sure to log out when finished.
  • My Site / SharePoint - SharePoint will not be available to teachers at the start of the school year.
  • Educators can purchase Office07 at a discount through JourneyED.

2. Revised CB Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • This is school board policy. It was revised in October 2007 to accommodate the collaborative technologies (blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.) that teachers are using with their students.
  • Teachers are advised to make this information public by linking to the online PDF and/or mentioning the document as part of the parent permission forms that they distribute for online activities.

3. PETE&C Briefing - Jen Dorman, Meg Griffin, Adam Controy, Meg Reiner, Miles Roe, Pat Kelly

4. National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS.S) Update
  • The revised standards reflect the collaborative nature of online technologies as well as the digital ethics associated with the same. Teachers are asked to review the standards and be overt about structuring activities to meet the standards.

5. "Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture" Discussion
  • The applied skills detailed on page 4 match the NETS.S standards nicely. They may serve well as enduring understandings.
  • This wiki will serve as a place for our ongoing discussion. You can respond to information by posting comments, thoughts, epiphanies, and questions on the discussion thread of the Research wiki page.
    • What are the implications for teacher and student use of technology in CB?
    • What does literacy mean in the 21st century?

6. Central Bucks Professional Learning Community Ning Network
  • http://centralbucksplc.ning.com/
  • This is a virtual extension of professional staff development in CB. All BPET members can request access to the network; teachers will join as part of staff development workshops The primary goals are to connect teachers to each other to create a vibrant and ongoing "conversation" about best practices and support our learning community. A secondary goal is to model best practices in the use of collaborative online technologies for instruction.

7. Summer technology staff development - Who is interested in presenting summer workshops?

Next Steps:

BPET Committee Digest Report - December 2007

Next Meeting: Feb. 28, 2008 (ESC Training Room) at 4:00 PM

February 21, 2007 - Holicong Middle School


Kerr, Dorman, Kesilman, P. Kelly Denton, Griffin, Czop, Reiner, Burgess, Caldwell, Ketler, McKellin, S. Kelly



1. Introduction - If money were no object, what one piece of technology would you want for your classroom and what one piece of technology would you want for home?

2. Engaging Digital Natives (PowerPoint presentation)
  • The Case for 21st Century Education
  • Did You Know? (video)
  • Implications for Education
  • Digital Natives Learning Profile and Instructional Methodology

3. "Future School" (Alvin Toffler interview transcript) Reading and Brainstorming
  • What ideas of Toffler's can be implemented in CB (not necessarily immediately) to increase our preparation of students for the 21st century?
  • Does Toffler describe educational ideas with which you strongly disagree? Explain.
  • How would you describe your "School of the Future"? [responses by group are listed below]

· Easy and convenient access to integrated technology tools
· Video/Audio/Multimedia
· Enable them as process makers
· Networking
· Present
· Equal access
· Community Involvement

· Mentors
· Masters
· No Walls
· Specialized Focus (Flexible/Fluid/Fun)
· No Grade Levels
· No Time Constraints
· 24/7 Access

· Teachers & Businesses work actively together
· Technology liaison in every in every building – always available
· Every student has a laptop
· Online presentations
· Less note taking
· More time for discussion, inquiry, experiences
· Small class sizes
· Staff development with incentives
· More student choice

  • What types of technologies are needed to facilitate these ideas?

4. Introduction to the sub-committee wiki - The wiki will serve as our primary method of communication and collaboration.
  • wiki usage and expectations
  • subscribing to the wiki's RSS feed

Next Steps:

  • Please peruse the materials on the Research page of the wiki. Use the discussion tab to communicate to our group which technologies you would like to see us research and review.
  • Subscribe to this wiki either via RSS feed aggregator (Google Reader Labs in CB or Bloglines at home) or e-mail so that you will be apprised of information posted to the wiki. Just click on the Notify Me tab above and select Space-Wide Notification Page . . . or click on the screen shot below. Be sure to select to be notified of all changes made to the space including edits and discussions.